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BeenieBits's podcast

Mar 1, 2020

Life is all about relationships. No matter if they are personal or professional. Some of us are afraid to talk to people, where others have not met any strangers. As humans, we need the interaction and the relationships with other humans. Strangers are friends we haven't met yet. Strike up a conversation while...

Jan 26, 2020

Eating disorders, depression, addiction... More often then not, they stem from unprocessed trauma. You are not alone! 
I have dealt with it and today's guest is as well. 

Happiness Matters ~ the Show
Matters of Perspective
Happiness Matters - Unleash Your Superpower in 7 Easy Steps (Beenie's book)

Jan 19, 2020

When I first met today's guest, I was wide eyed when she told me she is actively competing in Roller Derby competitions. While chatting with her, I learned that it is so much more than a sport. 

Roller Derby for women builds self-esteem amongst other valuable skills. Tune in to learn more and how to get...

Jan 12, 2020

Stuff happens. Sometimes we make choices that lead us down a less desirable path in life. Today's guest is no exception. 

At one point he decided to make better choices for himself and turned his life around. 

We have the power to change the direction our life takes at any given moment. Being aware of the words we use,...

Jan 5, 2020

A beaver did what??? The mind is a wonderful thing. It can help us heal, move forward, and accomplish the seemingly impossible. Or... It can keep us stuck in place, pull us further down, and prevent us from giving it a shot. 

Today's guest shares with us how a beaver actually save his life along with a bunch of nuggets...